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Supported formats

Currently abydos supports 48 graphics formats. The first goal was to support at least all formats supported by GdkPixbufexternal link, which now has been reached. Both GdkPixbuf and abydos only supports a subset the QTIF image format. That is embedded JPEG or PNG images. But the format can contain (at least) 12 other types of data. At least one of those also supports animation.

For most formats abydos rely on third party libraries. Some specific for one format and some capable of handling wide range of image formats, such as ImageMagickexternal link.

Image formatMIME type(s)Extension(s)Supported by abydosSupported by gdk-pixbufSupported by Grafx2
ANSI arttext/x-ansiansYesNoNo
Adobe Photoshopimage/vnd.adobe.photoshoppsdYesNoNo
Apple Icon Image (ICNS)image/x-icnsicnsYesLacks variant supportNo
Avatar/0text/x-avatar0avt, bbsYesNoNo
Binary Texttext/x-binarybinYesNoNo
ColoRIXrix, sc?NoNoYes
CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)image/gifgifUsing libnsgif, giflib or ImageMagickYesYes
Degas compressed high resolution picture (PC3)image/x-pc3pc3YesNoNo
Degas compressed low resolution picture (PC1)image/x-pc1pc1YesNoYes
Degas compressed medium resulution picture (PC2)image/x-pc2pc2YesNoNo
Degas high resolution picture (PI3)image/x-pi3pi3, suhYesNoNo
Degas low resolution picture (PI1)image/x-pi1pi1YesNoYes
Degas medium resolution picture (PI2)image/x-pi2pi2YesNoNo
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)application/dicom, image/dicom-rledcm, dicYesNoNo
DjVuimage/vnd.djvu, image/x-djvudjvuYesNoNo
GEM rasterimage/x-gemimg, ximgYesNoNo
Gimp Bitmap (XCF)image/x-xcfxcfYesNoNo
High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF)image/heic, image/heic-sequence, image/heif, image/heif-sequenceheicYesUsing third party loaderNo
Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM)image/x-ilbmbbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, picYesNoYes
JPEG-2000image/jp2, image/jpeg2000, image/jpxjp2YesYesNo
Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format (JPEG / JFIF)image/jpegjpe, jpeg, jpgYesYesYes
Kiss CelcelNoNoYes
Koala Painterimage/x-koa, image/x-koalagig, kla, koaYesNoNo
Multiple Network Graphics (MNG)video/x-mngmngYesNoNo
Neochromeimage/x-neo, image/x-neochromeneoYesNoYes
Portable Arbitrary Mapimage/x-portable-arbitrarymappamYesNoNo
Portable Bitmapimage/x-portable-bitmappbmYesYesNo
Portable Document Format (PDF)application/pdfpdfYesNoNo
Portable Greyscaleimage/x-portable-graymap, image/x-portable-greymappgmYesYesNo
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)image/pngpngWith animationLacks animationYes
Portable Pixmapimage/x-portable-pixmapppmYesYesNo
QuickTime Image Format (QTIF)image/qtif, image/x-quicktimeqif, qtifLacks support for most compression schemesLacks support for most compression schemesNo
Raw Teletexttext/x-raw-teletextbinYesNoNo
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)application/svg+xml, image/svg, image/svg+xmlsvg, svg.gz, svgzYesUsing third party loaderNo
Spectrum 512 compressedimage/x-spectrum512-compressedspcYesNoNo
Spectrum 512 uncompressedimage/x-spectrum512-uncompressedspuYesNoNo
Stardent Application Visualization System X (AVS X)image/x-avsxavs, mbfavs, xYesNoNo
Sun Rasterfileimage/x-cmu-raster, image/x-sun-rasterim1, im24, im32, im8, ras, rast, rs, scr, sr, sunYesDroppedNo
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)image/tifftif, tiffYesLacks multi page supportNo
Truevision Targaimage/x-tgatarga, tgaYesYesNo
Windows & Aldus Metafile (WMF)image/wmf, image/x-wmfapm, wmfYesUsing third part loaderNo
Windows Animated Cursorapplication/x-navi-animationaniYesLacks variant supportNo
Windows Bitmap (BMP)image/bmp, image/x-bmp, image/x-MS-bmpbmpYesYesYes
Windows Cursorimage/x-win-bitmapcurYesYesNo
Windows Iconapplication/ico, image/ico, image/icon, image/vnd.microsoft.icon, image/x-ico, image/x-icon, text/icoicoYesYesYes
Wireless Bitmap (level 0) (WBMP)image/vnd.wap.wbmpwbmpYesNoNo
X11 Bitmapimage/x-xbitmap, image/x-xbmixbmYesYesNo
X11 Pixmapimage/x-xpixmap, image/x-xpmixpmYesYesNo
Zeiss BIVASdta, imgNoNoYes
Zsoft Publisher's PC Paintbrush (PCX)image/vnd.zbrush.pcx, image/x-pcxpcx, ppcYesDroppedYes
Image formatMIME type(s)Extension(s)Supported by abydosSupported by gdk-pixbufSupported by Grafx2
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