Comodore 64 multicolor

The Commodore 64 has a fixed palette of 16 colors. In standard multicolor mode the screen is divided into cells which are 4 pixels wide and 8 pixels high. Each cell can have a selection of 3 colors of thier own plus an additional color which is shared between all cells.

Camparison of algorithms

Above is the original image. Below are images as they would appear on a Commodore 64, using different palettes and dithering methods (all using NILE).

No dithering
Ordered 4x4 dithering
Ordered 8x8 dithering
Floyd-Steinberg dithering
Jarvis-Judice-Ninke dithering
Stucki dithering

The image obviously looks very different viewed with different palettes. But the choice of palette also has a big impact on how the colors are mapped.

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