This is a list of all formats curretnly supported by RECOILexternal link with some additional information. For a few formats there are examples of images converted from PNG by pyriel and converted back to PNG by RECOIL. Since there often is no obvious to decide what are different formats and what is just variants of the same format the list might be a bit confusing.

PlatformImage FormatSpecificationsMIME type(s)Extension(s)Sample imageLink(s)
AmigaAMOS (AMOS Memory Bank)application/x-amos-memorybankabkExotica
AmigaAmiga Continuous Bitmap (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))image/x-ilbmacbm (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
Amiga DCTVDCTV (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))image/x-ilbmdct, dctv (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaTVPaint (DEEP)16777216 colorsdeepArchive Team
AmigaTurbo Rascal Syntax Error (Fluff)320x200image/x-fluffflf
AmigaHold-And-Modify 6 (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))4096 colorsimage/x-ilbmham, ham6 (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaHold-And-Modify 8 (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))16777216 colorsimage/x-ilbmham8 (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaInterchange File Format (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))image/x-ilbm256, iff (bbm, blk, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
Amiga HAM-EHAM-E (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))up to 384x480, 184320 colorsimage/x-ilbmiff (bbm, blk, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaIcon (Amiga Workbench icon)8 colorsimage/x-amiga-iconinfoArchive Team
AmigaInterleaved Bitmap (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))image/x-ilbmilbm, lbm (bbm, blk, iff, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaMulti-palette (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))4096 colorsimage/x-ilbmbeam, dhr, dr, mp (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaTurbo Silver (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))16777216 colorsimage/x-ilbmrgb8 (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaTurbo Silver (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))4096 colorsimage/x-ilbmrgbn (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
AmigaSliced HAM (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))4096 colorsimage/x-ilbmsham (bbm, blk, iff, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
Amstrad CPCMode 5288x256, 27 colorscm5+gfx
Amstrad CPC8x8 fontmonofnt
Amstrad CPCHinterGrundBild512x256, monohgbCPCWiki
Amstrad CPCPerfect Pixup to 384x272, 2 framespph+odd+eve
Amstrad CPCAdvanced OCP Art Studio (Advanced Art Studio)scr+palArchive Team
Amstrad CPCSymbOS graphic16 colorsimage/x-symbos-graphicsgxArchive Team
Amstrad CPCAdvanced OCP Art Studio (Advanced Art Studio)win+palArchive Team
Apple IIHigh Resolution280x192, monohgr
Apple IISpritesmonospr
Apple IIeDouble High-Resolution560x192, monodhgr, dhr
Apple IIGS3201320x200, 3200 colors3201
Apple IIGSMulti-palette3200 colors32k
Apple IIGSApple Preferred Format256 colorsgs, iigs, pnt, shr
Apple IIGSPaintworks320x396, 16 colorspnt
Apple IIGS320x200, 3200 colors3200, sh3
Apple IIGS320x200, 256 colorsshr
Apple MacintoshMacPaint576x720, monoapplication/mac-paint, image/x-macpaintmac, pnt, pntg (pic)Archive Team
Atari 8-bit80x96, 256 colors256, ap2
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 4 missiles4mi
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 4 players4pl
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 4 players and 4 missiles4pm
Atari 8-bitAnime 4ever80x256a4r
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 font4 colorsacs
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 graphicagp
Atari 8-bitAtari Graphics Studioags
Atari 8-bitGraph160x192, 5 colorsall
Atari 8-bit80x192, 256 colors, 2 framesap3, apv, dgi, dgp, esc, ilc, pzm
Atari 8-bit80x96, 256 colorsapa, apc, plm
Atari 8-bitAtari Player Editor4 colorsapl
Atari 8-bitApac3 Linker-Viewer (SFDN compressed)80x192, 256 colors, 2 framesapp
Atari 8-bitAny Point, Any Color (SFDN compressed)80x96, 256 colorsaps
Atari 8-bitArtist by David Eaton160x80, 4 colorsart
Atari 8-bitAscii-Art Editorup to 64x24, monoart
Atari 8-bit160x192bg9, g09
Atari 8-bitBugbiter APAC239i80x239, 256 colors, 2 framesbgp
Atari 8-bitMovie Maker background160x96, 4 colorsbkg
Atari 8-bitChampions' Interlace (compressed)160x192, 2 framescci
Atari 8-bitBlazing Paddles fontmonochr
Atari 8-bitChampions' Interlace2 framescin
Atari 8-bitMarco Pixel Editor160x192, 4 colorscpi
Atari 8-bitTrzmiel (compressed)320x192, monocpr
Atari 8-bitCut Creator96x99, monocut
Atari 8-bit VBXESlideShow for VBXE320x240, 256 colorsdap
Atari 8-bit320x192, 10 colors, 2 framesdin
Atari 8-bitDrawIt160x96, 4 colorsdit
Atari 8-bitDir Logo Maker11x16, monodlm
Atari 8-bitAtari CAD320x160, monoimage/x-atari-caddrgArchive Team
Atari 8-bitThe Last Word fontmonof80
Atari 8-bitFloor Designer64x40fge
Atari 8-bitAtari FontMakermonofn2
Atari 8-bit8x8 fontmonofnt
Atari 8-bitFun with Art160x192, 128 colorsfwaArchive Team
Atari 8-bitGraphics 109 colorsg10
Atari 8-bitGraphics 1116 colorsg11
Atari 8-bitGraph2Font256 colorsg2f
Atari 8-bitGraphics 9 (SFDN compressed)g9s, sfd
Atari 8-bitGED160x200, 128 colorsgedArchive Team
Atari 8-bitGephard Hires Graphicsup to 320x200, monoghg
Atari 8-bitMad Studio Graphics 0 (Mad Studio)40x24, monoasc, gr0, scrArchive Team
Atari 8-bitMad Studio Graphics 1 (Mad Studio)20x24, 4 colorsgr1Archive Team
Atari 8-bitMad Studio Graphics 2 (Mad Studio)20x12, 4 colorsgr2Archive Team
Atari 8-bitMad Studio Graphics 3 (Mad Studio)40x24, 4 colorsgr3Archive Team
Atari 8-bitGraphics 74 colorsgr7
Atari 8-bitGraphics 8monogr8
Atari 8-bitGraphics 9gr9
Atari 8-bitGraphics 9+80x60gr9p
Atari 8-bit320x200, 5 colors, 2 frameshci, hr2
Atari 8-bitHard Color Map128x192, 9 colorshcm
Atari 8-bitHard Interlace Picture160x200, 2 frameship
Atari 8-bitGrass' Slideshow160x192, 4 colorshpm
Atari 8-bitHard Interlace Picture (SFDN compressed)160x200, 2 frameshps
Atari 8-bit256x239, 3 colors, 2 frameshr
Atari 8-bitInterlace Character Editor font2 framesice
Atari 8-bitICE CIN160x192, 80 colors, 2 framesicn
Atari 8-bitInterlace Graphics Editor128x96, 16 colors, 2 framesige
Atari 8-bitInterlace Logo Designer128x128, 7 colors, 2 framesild
Atari 8-bitAPACVIEW (SFDN compressed)80x192, 256 colors, 2 framesils
Atari 8-bitICE MIN160x192, 80 colors, 2 framesimn
Atari 8-bitING 15160x200, 7 colors, 2 framesing
Atari 8-bitInterPainter160x200, 7 colors, 2 framesinp
Atari 8-bitInterPainter (SFDN compressed)160x200, 7 colors, 2 framesins
Atari 8-bitINT95aup to 160x239, 16 colors, 2 framesint
Atari 8-bitICE PCIN+160x192, 45 colors, 2 framesip2
Atari 8-bitICE PCIN160x192, 35 colors, 2 framesipc
Atari 8-bitSuper IRG 2160x192, 25 colors, 2 framesir2
Atari 8-bitSuper IRG160x192, 15 colors, 2 framesirg
Atari 8-bitInterlace Studio160x200, 2 framesist
Atari 8-bitJet Graphics Planner4 colorsjgp
Atari 8-bitKompresor do Animatora4 colorskpr
Atari 8-bitKSS-Paint160x160, 4 colorskss
Atari 8-bitLudek Maker4 colorsldm
Atari 8-bitLarka Edytor Obiektów trybu $4+5 colorsleo
Atari 8-bitTechnicolor Dream80x119, 256 colorslum+col
Atari 8-bit56x60, monokfx
Atari 8-bitEnvisionmap
Atari 8-bitEnvisionPCmap
Atari 8-bitXL-Paint MAX160x192, 2 framesmax
Atari 8-bitMad Designer512x256, monombg
Atari 8-bitGraph2Font256 colorsmch
Atari 8-bitMcPainter160x200, 16 colors, 2 framesmcp
Atari 8-bitParadox160x100, 16 colorsmcpp
Atari 8-bit160x192, 9 colorsmcs
Atari 8-bitMagic Painter160x96mgp
Atari 8-bitAtariGraphics160x192, 4 colorsmic
Atari 8-bitMicro Illustrator / Graphics 154 colorsmic
Atari 8-bitGraph2Font160x240, 128 colorsmic+col
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 missile2x240, monomis
Atari 8-bitMad Studio multi-color player (Mad Studio)up to 56x40, 5 colorsmplArchive Team
Atari 8-bitMad Studio missile (Mad Studio)monomslArchive Team
Atari 8-bitDaisy-Dot fontmononlq
Atari 8-bitPowerGraphics256 colorspgr
Atari 8-bitGraphic Arts Department160x96, 128 colorspic
Atari 8-bitKoala MicroIllustrator160x192, 4 colorspic
Atari 8-bitAtariTools-800 player8x240, monopla
Atari 8-bitPlama 256 (SFDN compressed)80x96, 256 colorspls
Atari 8-bitPMG Designer by Henryk Karpowiczpmd
Atari 8-bitVidig Paint80x192, 16 colorsrap
Atari 8-bitXL-Paint MAX160x192, 16 colors, 2 framesraw
Atari 8-bitColorViewSquashup to 160x192, 3 framesrgb
Atari 8-bitRocky Interlace Pictureup to 320x239, 1 or 2 framesrip
Atari 8-bitRambrandt160x96, 99 colorsrm0Archive Team
Atari 8-bitRambrandt80x192, 256 colorsrm1Archive Team
Atari 8-bitRambrandt80x192, 104 colorsrm2Archive Team
Atari 8-bitRambrandt80x192, 128 colorsrm3Archive Team
Atari 8-bitRambrandt160x192, 99 colorsrm4Archive Team
Atari 8-bitMamut160x96, 4 colorsrysArchive Team
Atari 8-bitStandard Graphics 340x24, 4 colorssg3
Atari 8-bitSemi-Graphic logos Editor40x24, monosge
Atari 8-bitSAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours320x192, 2 framesshc
Atari 8-bitBlazing Paddles shape tablemonoshp
Atari 8-bitMovie Maker shapes160x96, 4 colorsshp
Atari 8-bitSuper-IRG Font4 colors, 2 framessif
Atari 8-bitSketch-PadDles160x192, monoskp
Atari 8-bitThe Graphics Magician Picture Painter160x192, 128 colorsspc
Atari 8-bitMad Studio sprite (RAMbrandt)monosprArchive Team
Atari 8-bit16x16 fontmonosxs
Atari 8-bitTaquart Interlace Pictureup to 160x119, 2 framestip
Atari 8-bitTexture Maker0 16x16x1616x16, 16 colorstx0
Atari 8-bitTexture Editor by Mikey80x96txe
Atari 8-bit16x16txs
Atari 8-bitVertiZontal Interlacing160x200, 2 framesvzi
Atari 8-bitBlazing Paddles window (Blazing Paddles)up to 160x192, 4 colorsimage/x-blazing-paddleswnd (pi)Archive Team
Atari 8-bitXL-Paint7 colors, 2 framesxlp
Atari Portfolio240x64, monopgc
Atari Portfolio240x64, monopgf
Atari ST/STEArt Director320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-art-directorartArchive Team
Atari ST/STEGFA Artist320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-gfa-artistartArchive Team
Atari ST/STEPalette Master320x200, 512 colorsart
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite block16 colorsbl1
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite block4 colorsbl2
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite blockmonobl3
Atari ST/STEMegaPaintmonobld
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite brush8x8, monobru
Atari ST/STECrackArt (Crack Art low resolution)320x200, 16 colorsca1Archive Team
Atari ST/STECrackArt (Crack Art medium resolution)640x200, 4 colorsca2Archive Team
Atari ST/STECrackArt (Crack Art high resolution)640x400, monoca3Archive Team
Atari ST/STEComputerEyes320x200, 262144 colorsce1
Atari ST/STEComputerEyes640x200, 32768 colorsce2
Atari ST/STEComputerEyes640x400ce3
Atari ST/STECyber Paint Cellup to 320x200, 16 colorscel
Atari ST/STEPublic Paintermonocmp
Atari ST/STEPicworks640x400, monocp3
Atari ST/STECanvas (compressed)cpt
Atari ST/STECanvas (raster)cpt+hbl
Atari ST/STECalamus Raster Graphic (Calamus)monocrgArchive Team
Atari ST/STEPaintShop640x800, monoda4
Atari ST/STEDoodle (Dr Doodle)640x400, monodooArchive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STE416x273, 136 colors, 2 framesdu1, duo
Atari ST/STE832x273, 10 colors, 2 framesdu2
Atari ST/STEEZ-Art Professional320x200, 16 colorseza
Atari ST/STE8x16 fontmonofnt
Atari ST/STEGDOS fontmonofnt
Atari ST/STECanvas (raster)ful
Atari ST/STEDeskPicgfb
Atari ST/STEDali (compressed) (Dali high resolution)640x400, monohpkArchive Team
Atari ST/STEHighresMedium640x200, 2 frameshrm
Atari ST/STEImagic (Imagic picture)320x200, 16 colorsic1Archive Team
Atari ST/STEImagic (Imagic picture)640x200, 4 colorsic2Archive Team
Atari ST/STEImagic (Imagic picture)640x400, monoic3Archive Team
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite iconmonoicn
Atari ST/STEInterchange File Format (Interleaved Bitmap (ILBM))image/x-ilbmiff (bbm, blk, ilbm, lbm, pic)Archive Team, Wikipedia
Atari ST/STEGEM Bit Image (GEM raster)image/x-gemimg (ximg)Archive Team
Atari ST/STEFullscreen Construction Kit448x272, 16 colorskid
Atari ST/STEDali (compressed) (Dali low resolution)320x200, 16 colorslpkArchive Team
Atari ST/STEDali (compressed) (Dali medium resolution)640x200, 4 colorsmpkArchive Team
Atari ST/STEMulti Palette Picture (Multi Palette Picture (MPP))up to 416x273, 1 or 2 framesimage/x-multi-palette-picturemppArchive Team
Atari ST/STEC.O.L.R. Object Editor320x200, 16 colorsmur+pal
Atari ST/STENEOchromeimage/x-neo, image/x-neochromeneoArchive Team
Atari ST/STENEOchrome Master512 colorsneo
Atari ST/STENEOchrome Master320x200, 512 colorsneo+rst
Atari ST/STED-GRAPH (compressed)320x200, 136 colors, 2 framesp3c
Atari ST/STEPablo Paint 2.5640x400, monopa3
Atari ST/STESTAD (ST Aided Design (STAD))640x400, monoimage/x-stadpac (seq)Archive Team
Atari ST/STEQuantumPaint (Quantum Paint)image/x-quantum-paintpbxArchive Team
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite (Degas compressed low resolution picture (PC1))320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-pc1pc1Archive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite (Degas compressed medium resulution picture (PC2))640x200, 4 colorsimage/x-pc2pc2Archive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STEDEGAS Elite (Degas compressed high resolution picture (PC3))640x400, monoimage/x-pc3pc3Archive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STETobias Richter Fullscreen Slideshow352x278, 2 framesimage/x-tobias-richter-fullscreen-slideshowpciArchive Team
Atari ST/STEPhotoChrome (PhotoChrome Screen)320x199, 1 or 2 framesimage/x-photochrome-screenpcsArchive Team
Atari ST/STEPaintworks (Paintworks page in low resolution)320x400, 16 colorspg0Archive Team
Atari ST/STEGraphics Processor (Graphics Processor low resolution)320x200, 16 colorspg1
Atari ST/STEPaintworks (Paintworks page in medium resolution)640x400, 4 colorspg1Archive Team
Atari ST/STEGraphics Processor (Graphics Processor medium resolution)640x200, 4 colorspg2
Atari ST/STEPaintworks (Paintworks page in high resolution)640x800, monopg2Archive Team
Atari ST/STEGraphics Processor (Graphics Processor high resolution)640x400, monopg3
Atari ST/STEDEGAS (Degas low resolution picture (PI1))up to 416x560, 16 colorsimage/x-pi1pi1Archive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STEDEGAS (Degas medium resolution picture (PI2))640x200, 4 colorsimage/x-pi2pi2Archive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STEDEGAS (Degas high resolution picture (PI3))640x400, monoimage/x-pi3pi3, suhArchive Team, Multimedia Wiki
Atari ST/STEPaintPro STpic
Atari ST/STE320x200, 256 colors, 2 framespl4
Atari ST/STEPablo Paint 1.1 (Pablo Packed Picture (PPP))320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-pablo-packed-picturepppArchive Team
Atari ST/STEPaintShop (compressed) (PaintShop)640x400, monopsc
Atari ST/STERGB Intermediate (Atari ST RGB intermediate)320x200, 4096 colors, 3 framesimage/x-atari-rgb-intermediatergbArchive Team
Atari ST/STEZZ_ROUGH (ZZ Rough)320x200, 16 colorsrghArchive Team
Atari ST/STEPaintworks (Paintworks screen in low resolution)320x200, 16 colorscl0, sc0Archive Team
Atari ST/STEPaintworks (Paintworks screen in medium resolution)640x200, 4 colorscl1, sc1Archive Team
Atari ST/STEPaintworks (Paintworks screen in high resolution)640x400, monocl2, sc2Archive Team
Atari ST/STEDali (Dali low resolution)320x200, 16 colorssd0Archive Team, Archive Team
Atari ST/STEDali (Dali medium resolution)640x200, 4 colorssd1Archive Team, Archive Team
Atari ST/STEDali (Dali high resolution)640x400, monosd2Archive Team, Archive Team
Atari ST/STESpectrum 512 (compressed) (Spectrum 512 compressed)320x199, 4096 colorsimage/x-spectrum512-compressedspc
Atari ST/STESpectrum 512 (smooshed) (Spectrum 512 smooshed)320x199, 512 colorsimage/x-spectrum512-smooshedsps
Atari ST/STESpectrum 512 (Spectrum 512 uncompressed)320x199, 4096 colorsimage/x-spectrum512-uncompressedspuArchive Team, MultimediaWiki
Atari ST/STESpectrum 512 (enhanced)320x199, 29791 colors, 2 framesspu
Atari ST/STESpectrum 512 (extended)320x199, 4096 colorsspx
Atari ST/STESynthetic Arts640x200, 4 colorssrt
Atari ST/STESinbad Slideshow320x200, 16 colorsssbArchive Team
Atari ST/STETiny Stuff (Tiny)320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-tiny-stufftn1, tn4 (tn2, tn3, tny)Archive Team
Atari ST/STETiny Stuff (Tiny)640x200, 4 colorsimage/x-tiny-stufftn2, tn5 (tn1, tn3, tn4, tny)Archive Team
Atari ST/STETiny Stuff (Tiny)640x400, monoimage/x-tiny-stufftn3, tn6 (tn1, tn2, tn4, tny)Archive Team
Atari ST/STETiny Stuff (Tiny)image/x-tiny-stufftny (tn1, tn2, tn3, tn4)Archive Team
Atari ST/STEExtended GEM Bit Image (GEM raster)image/x-gemximg (img)Archive Team
Atari TT320x480, 256 colorspi4
Atari TT640x480, 16 colorspi5
Atari TT1280x960, monopi6
Atari FalconImageLabimage/x-imagelabb&w, b_wArchive Team
Atari FalconDuneGraph (compressed)320x200, 256 colorsdc1
Atari FalconDelmPaint (Delm Paint)320x240, 256 colorsdelArchive Team
Atari FalconDuneGraph320x200, 256 colorsdg1
Atari FalconDelmPaint (Delm Paint)640x480, 256 colorsdphArchive Team
Atari FalconTmS Cranach Paint/Studio (Cranach)esm
Atari FalconFalcon True Color384x240, 65536 colorsftc
Atari FalconFunny Paintfun
Atari FalconGodPaint (God Paint)65536 colorsgodArchive Team
Atari FalconPrint-Technikhir
Atari FalconICDRAW icon32x32, 16 colorsib3
Atari FalconICDRAW icon32x32, 16 colorsibi
Atari FalconInShapeiimArchive Team
Atari FalconFuckpaint (Fuck Paint)up to 640x480, 256 colorspi4, pi7, pi9Archive Team
Atari FalconPixArtpix
Atari FalconPrism Paintimage/x-prism-paintpnt, tpiArchive Team
Atari FalconRAG-Drag
Atari FalconIMG Scanup to 640x400raw, rwh, rwl
Atari FalconRembrandt65536 colorstcpArchive Team
Atari FalconCOKE65536 colorstg1
Atari Falcon32768 colorstimg
Atari FalconSpooky Sprites (compressed) (Spooky Sprites)65536 colorsimage/x-spooky-spritestreArchive Team
Atari FalconEggPaint (Egg Paint)65536 colorstrp
Atari FalconSpooky Sprites65536 colorsimage/x-spooky-spritestrpArchive Team
Atari FalconIndyPaint65536 colorstru
Atari FalconXGA65536 colorsimage/x-xgaxgaArchive Team
BBC MicroMode 0640x256, monobb0
BBC MicroMode 1320x256, 4 colorsbb1
BBC MicroMode 2160x256, 8 colorsbb2
BBC MicroMode 4320x256, monobb4
BBC MicroMode 5160x256, 4 colorsbb5
BBC MicroLdPicbbg
Commodore VIC-20Turbo Rascal Syntax Error8 colorsflf
Commodore 16up to 320x200, 121 colorsp4i
Commodore 64GoDot320x200, 16 colors4btArchive Team
Commodore 648x8 fontmono64c
Commodore 64SEUCK sprites16 colorsa
Commodore 64Wigmore Artist 64160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-artist-64a64, wigArchive Team
Commodore 64Art Studio320x200, 16 colorsaas, art
Commodore 64AFLI-editor v2.0 by Topaz Beerlin296x200, 16 colorsafl
Commodore 64Amica Paint160x200, 16 colorsami
Commodore 64Big FLI148x400, 16 colorsbfli
Commodore 64FLI Graph 2.2 by Blackmail148x200, 16 colorsbml, fli
Commodore 64CDU-Paint (CDU Paint)160x200, 16 colorscduArchive Team
Commodore 64Cheese160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-cheesecheArchive Team
Commodore 64Centauri Logo-Editor160x200, 4 colorscle
Commodore 64CharPad16 colorsctm
Commodore 64Create with Garfield160x200, 16 colorscwg
Commodore 64Doodle (Doodle!)320x200, 16 colorsddArchive Team
Commodore 64Dolphin Ed (DolphinEd)160x200, 16 colorsdol
Commodore 64Drazlace2 framesdlp, drl
Commodore 64Drazpaint (Draz Paint)160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-draz-paintdrp, drzArchive Team
Commodore 64ECI Graphic Editor296x200, 2 frameseci
Commodore 64ECI Graphic Editor (compressed)296x200, 2 framesecp
Commodore 64Flip148x200, 16 colorsfbi
Commodore 64Face Painter160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-face-painterfcp, fptArchive Team
Commodore 64FLI Designer148x200, 16 colorsfd2
Commodore 64148x200, 2 framesffli
Commodore 64Turbo Rascal Syntax Error (Fluff)16 colorsimage/x-fluffflf
Commodore 64FLI148x200, 16 colorsfli
Commodore 64Funpaint296x200, 2 framesfp2, fun
Commodore 64FLI Profi160x200, 16 colorsfpr
Commodore 64SEUCK fontmonog
Commodore 64320x200, monogcd, mon
Commodore 64Koala Painter (compressed)320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-koa, image/x-koalagg (gig, kla, koa)Archive Team, Archive Team, Wikipedia
Commodore 64Gunpaint296x200, 2 framesgun, ifl
Commodore 64Hires-Bitmap320x200, monofgs, gih, hbm, hir, hpi
Commodore 64Hi-Eddi320x200, 16 colorsimage/x-hi-eddihedArchive Team
Commodore 64Hires FLI by Crest296x112, 16 colorshfc
Commodore 64Hires Manager by Cosmos296x192, 16 colorshim
Commodore 64Hires Interlace by Feniks320x200, 2 frameshlf
Commodore 64Hi-Pic Creator320x200, 16 colorshpc
Commodore 64Interlace Hires Editor320x200, 3 colors, 2 framesihe
Commodore 64Interpaint320x200, 16 colorsiph
Commodore 64Interpaint160x200, 16 colorsipt
Commodore 64Image System (Image System (Multicolor))160x200, 16 colorsism
Commodore 64Doodle (compressed) (Doodle! compressed)320x200, 16 colorsjjArchive Team
Commodore 64Koala Painter160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-koa, image/x-koalagig, kla, koaArchive Team, Wikipedia
Commodore 64Logo Painter 3/3+160x400, 4 colorslp3
Commodore 64True Paint320x200, 2 framesmci
Commodore 64Micro Illustrator (Micro Illustrator Uncompressed)160x200, 16 colorsmilArchive Team
Commodore 64Multi-Lace Editor320x56, 10 colors, 2 framesmle
Commodore 64Advanced Art Studio160x200, 16 colorsocpArchive Team
Commodore 64Picasso 64160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-picasso-64p64Archive Team
Commodore 64PETSCII Editor40x25, 16 colorspet
Commodore 64Blazing Paddles160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-blazing-paddlespi (wnd)Archive Team
Commodore 64Paint Magic160x200, 16 colorspmg
Commodore 64Pixel Perfect296x200, 2 framespp
Commodore 64Pixel Perfect (compressed)296x200, 2 framesppp
Commodore 64Rainbow Painter160x200, 16 colorsrpArchive Team
Commodore 64Run Paint (RunPaint (Multicolor))160x200, 16 colorsrpm
Commodore 64Saracen Paint160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-saracen-paintsarArchive Team
Commodore 64PETSCII Editor40x25, 16 colorsscr+col
Commodore 64SpritePadspd
Commodore 6416 colorsvic
Commodore 64Vidcom 64Paint (Vidcom 64)160x200, 16 colorsimage/x-vidcom-64vidArchive Team
Commodore 128VDC BitMapmonobm, vbm
Commodore 128BASIC 8monobrus, pict
Commodore 128I Paint16 colorsip
Electronika BK256x256, 4 colorspic
FM Townspi
FM Townspic
MSXMIGup to 512x424, 1 or 2 framesmig
MSXScreen 2256x192, 15 colorsgrp, sc2
MSXScreen 364x48, 15 colorssc3
MSX2Dynamic Publisher font512x160, monofnt
MSX216 colorsgl5+pl5
MSX24 colorsgl6+pl6
MSX216 colorsgl7+pl7
MSX2256 colorsgl8
MSX2Maki-chan Graphics (MAKIchan Graphics)mag, maxArchive Team, Mooncore
MSX2Dynamic Publisher screen512x704, monopct
MSX2YPICup to 256x212pic
MSX2Screen 4 (Msx 2 Screen)256x192, 16 colorssc4
MSX2Screen 5 (Msx 2 Screen)16 colorsge5, sc5
MSX2Screen 5 interlaced (Msx 2 Screen)16 colors, 2 framessc5+s15
MSX2Screen 6 (Msx 2 Screen)4 colorssc6
MSX2Screen 6 interlaced (Msx 2 Screen)4 colors, 2 framessc6+s16
MSX2Screen 7 (Msx 2 Screen)512x212, 16 colorsge7, sc7
MSX2Screen 7 interlaced (Msx 2 Screen)512x424, 16 colors, 2 framessc7+s17
MSX2Screen 8 (Msx 2 Screen)256x212, 256 colorsge8, pic, sc8
MSX2Screen 8 interlaced (Msx 2 Screen)256x424, 256 colors, 2 framessc8+s18
MSX2Graph Saurus16 colorssr5+pl5Archive Team
MSX2Graph Saurus4 colorssr6+pl6Archive Team
MSX2Graph Saurus512x212, 16 colorssr7+pl7Archive Team
MSX2Graph Saurus256x212, 256 colorssr8Archive Team
MSX2Graph Saurus512x424, 16 colors, 2 framessri+pl7Archive Team
MSX2Dynamic Publisher stampmonostp
MSX2+ V9990 VDPGFX9k32768 colorsg9b
MSX2+12515 colorsgla+pla
MSX2+19268 colorsglc, gls
MSX2+Screen 10256x212, 12515 colorssca
MSX2+Screen 10 interlaced256x424, 12515 colors, 2 framessca+s1a
MSX2+Screen 1219268 colorsscc, srs, yjk
MSX2+Screen 12 interlaced19268 colors, 2 framesscc+s1c
NEC PC-80Maki-chan Graphics (MAKIchan Graphics)up to 640x200, 8 colorsmagArchive Team, Mooncore
NEC PC-88ArtMaster88 (ArtMaster)640x200, 8 colorsimage/x-artmasterimg
NEC PC-88DaVinci640x200, 8 colorsimage/x-davinciimg
NEC PC-88Maki-chan Graphics (MAKIchan Graphics)8 colorsmagArchive Team, Mooncore
NEC PC-888 colorspi
NEC PC-88 VAMaki-chan Graphics (MAKIchan Graphics)up to 640x400magArchive Team, Mooncore
NEC PC-88 VAup to 640x400pic
NEC PC-98Maki-chan Graphics (MAKIchan Graphics)256 colorsmag, mkiArchive Team, Mooncore
NEC PC-98Mapletown Network ML1128 colorsml1
NEC PC-98Mapletown Network MX1128 colorsmx1
NEC PC-98Mapletown Network NL3160x100, 64 colorsnl3
NEC PC-98256 colorspi
NEC PC-98XLD4640x400, 16 colorsq4
NEC PC-98Z's Staff Kid9816 colorszim
Oric6x8 fontmonochs
Oric240x200, 8 colorshir, hrs
PCAward BIOS logo (Award Bios Logo (EPA))epaArchive Team
PCHandy Scanner 2000 POSTERINGmonohs2
PCImage 72 fontmonofnt
PCMicrosoft Paint version 1 or 2 (Microsoft Paint)monoapplication/microsoft-paintmsp
PlayStationTIM (Sony Playstation TIM)32768 colorstimArchive Team
Psion Series 3monoicn, pic
SAM CoupeMode 4256x192, 16 colorsscs4, ss4
Sharp X68000Maki-chan Graphics (MAKIchan Graphics)16 colorsmagArchive Team, Mooncore
Sharp X6800065536 colorspic
Timex 2048Hi-res Gigascreen512x192, 4 colors, 2 frameshrg
Timex 2048Hi-color256x192, 15 colorsscr
Timex 2048Hi-res512x192, monoscr
TRS-80640x240, monohr
TRS-80CompuServe RLE256x192, monorle
TRS-80MagicDraw640x240, monoshr
TRS-80 Color Computer40x56, monoclp
TRS-80 Color Computer256x192, monogrf, max, p41, pix
TRS-80 Color Computer128x96, 4 colorsp11
ZX81Sinclair BASIC32x24, monop
ZX81ZXPaintyONE v2.032x24, monoraw
ZX81ZXpaintyONE32x24, monozp1
ZX SpectrumTricolor RGB256x192, 8 colors, 3 framesimage/x-tricolor-rgb3Archive Team
ZX SpectrumAttributes32x24, 15 colorsatr
ZX SpectrumBorder Screen Multicolor 8x4384x304, 15 colorsbmc4
ZX SpectrumBorder Screen384x304, 15 colorsbsc
ZX SpectrumBorder Screen by Trefiup to 384x304, 1 or 2 framesbsp
ZX SpectrumCHR$1 or 2 framesch$
ZX Spectrum4x8 fontmonoch4
ZX Spectrum6x8 fontmonoch6
ZX Spectrum8x8 fontmonoch8
ZX SpectrumAttributes Gigascreen32x24, 2 frameshlr
ZX SpectrumMulticolor 8x2256x192, 15 colorsifl
ZX SpectrumGigascreen256x192, 2 framesimg
ZX SpectrumMulticolor 8x1256x192, 15 colorsmc
ZX SpectrumMultiArtist 8x1256x192, 2 framesmg1
ZX SpectrumMultiArtist 8x2256x192, 2 framesmg2
ZX SpectrumMultiArtist 8x4256x192, 2 framesmg4
ZX SpectrumMultiArtist 8x8256x192, 2 framesmg8
ZX Spectrum256x192, 15 colorsmlt
ZX Spectrum NextNext Layer 2 (NXI)256x192, 256 colorsnxiArchive Team
ZX Spectrum256x192, 8 colors, 3 framesrgb
ZX SpectrumZX Spectrum standard screen256x192, 15 colorsimage/x-zx-spectrum-standard-screenscrArchive Team
ZX Spectrum ULAplusULAplus256x192, 64 colorsscr
ZX SpectrumStellar64x48, 2 framesstl
ZX Spectrum EvolutionSpeccy eXtended Graphics (Speccy Extended Graphic (SXG))256 colorssxgArchive Team
ZX SpectrumZX-Paintbrush256x192, 15 colorszxp
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