Luxor is a minimal image viewer for X. It supports vector graphics, animation and multi page images.

It depends on libextractor for identifying images, abydos for loading them and libX11 for displaying them.

Keyboard shortcuts:

b                  : Black background
w                  : White background
m                  : Magenta background
p                  : Checkered pattern background
1 ... 8            : set zoom level
x                  : Zoom to fit
r                  : Rotate 90° clockwise
q, Escape          : Quit
Home               : Go to first page
End                : Go to last page
Space, Page Down   : Next page
Backspace, Page Up : Previous page
+                  : Zoom in
-                  : Zoom out
Cursor keys        : Scroll image

The keys are read both from the X window and from stdin, which means the commands can be piped to Luxor. Contact the author.