About Monolithor

This is the testament of my true intensions for evoking Monolithor

It all started a misty autumn morning then I was packaging my homebrew software for the Windows platform. A fact that I, like my fellow comrades, learnt to accept is that all the dependencies of an application need to be included in the installation file. This is done by hand, in the middle of the night, by writing scripts for the NSIS-installer. My eyes have seen such scripts so grotesque that they cannot be described by any words of this world, or of any other sane world. Why, I cried, why do I need to write installation instructions for every dependency of every application I package. This practice seemed so primitive, so archaic as if it hadn't developed far from the primordial slime that predates both time and space. Why can't I create intermediate binary packages with installation instructions for each dependancy individually and automatically pull them in then needed for NSIS to form this cyclopian monolith of an installation executable?

As a bastard offspring to my feverish agony and my utter despair a seed started to grow in the abysmal pits of my tormented mind. In the day it whispered to me from haunting shadows of forlorn salubrity and in the night the whisperings became horrifying screams what could cause death itself to freeze down to the marrow of its ageless and immutable bones. I do not write this to seek pity nor forgiveness. For my body was no longer mine to control. My fingers moved across the keyboard with fleshy motions in preternatural patterns. And monolithor was evoked with the ability to use the RPMs from openSUSE as intermediate binary packages. It only demanded a few lines to build an installer for a large piece of software like AbiWord:

  name: AbiWord
  tarname: abiword
    require: mingw32-abiword
    move: /usr/i686-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw /

Since all updates are done by updating the RPM files this file can remain untouched forever, like my dry cold corpse in a dark and long forgotten tomb.

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