X PodCast Catcher lets you subscribe to podcasts, keep track on new episodes and download them. It is made to be scalable and able to handle a large amount of subscriptions. At the moment only an ncurses based interface is provided.


The ncurses based podcast catcher cpcc.


High priority is given to fixing bugs related to portability and internationalization. But of course all bug reports are welcome.

xpcc is intended to run on a variety of unix like systems. Please get in contact if it doesn't run on yours. xpcc is indended to fully support unicode and at least work with any locale using UTF-8. Please get in contact if it doesn't work with yours. It may or may not work with other encodings. Feel free share your experience.

Graphical interfaces based on GTK+ and/or Elementary may be added as a complement to the current ncurses based one (cpcc).

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